Monday, October 25

Twisted Stomach

Today we had a cow with a Displaced Abomasum (DA), also known as a twisted stomach. This can happen when a cow has too much gas in her stomach causing the fourth stomach, the Abomasum, to twist. When this happens the cow will stop eating and become sick. There are a couple of ways to fix this problem. Today the surgery method was used.

Prepping the cow for the operation. The veterinarian will cut the cow open on her side to that he can get to her stomach and put it back where it belongs.

Next the veterinarian has to vacuum all the gas out of the stomach so that it can be put back in place. When the Abomasum is filled with gas it floats to the top or side of the body cavity when it is supposed to be at the bottom. After the gas is out of the Abomasum it is "tacked" into the correct position so it cannot float around anymore.

The last thing to do is sew the incision back up!

The white powder covering the stitches is to help prevent an infection. All done! The cow should definitely feel better tomorrow!

Cow care is the number one priority on the farm! We work with a group of veterinarians to ensure the health of all our cows!

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